Project Citi Direct/Expert Government Agency and Corporations Card Processing Applications
Organization Citi Bank Development Center, W. Los Angeles, California
Project Type On-site Consultant and project development
Duration July 2000 Sept 2001
Platform/OS Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
Position SQL Server Database Architect, Developer and DBA
Software SQL Server 7.0, Access 97, ASP, VB, IIS 4.0/5.0
Description The applications manage card processing of CITI government and CITI corporation designated cards.
Key Features
  • Confidential
My Tasks 
  • Control and update all database schemas with versioning and publish database schema diagrams.
  • Write new government agency and corporation database creation scripts.
  • Write script for updating existing government agency and corporation database schemas.
  • Write daily tasks scripts; Create insert script from existing data.
  • Create single schema from government and corporation agency databases.
  • Optimize and rewrite existing stored procedures, views, and triggers for better database performance.
  • Denormalized highly normalized database for performance and optimization.
  • Help and train programmers and DBAs to write efficient stored procedures, to prevent deadlocks, to optimize indexes and queries, to convert MS-Access pass through queries into Stored procedures and change VBA codes.
  • Use SQL Server Profiler for timing and finding long running stored procedures and queries.  Use query show plan for analyzing and optimizing stored procedures. Use performance monitor and network monitor tools to measure network traffic and the performance of SQL Server machines.
  • Increased number of concurrent users from 85 to 700 with database optimization and client side code changes.
  • Setup target and master servers for clustering and setup transactional replication.
  • Give advices for new SQL server hardware platform. Advise production DBAs for maintenance plans, set ups, configuration changes, applying hot fixes, checking performance monitor items and elaborating the results, finding long running queries, fixing tempdb growth, and setting up security.
  • Help QA and Performance testing group for arranging test plans, measuring the test results and reporting to management. Lead Performance group for testing Citi-Direct application and backend corporate and government credit card databases.
  • Became a liaison between Data center and development center for rising problems and fixes.
  • Help managers to interview the candidates for hiring new IT staff.
  • Arrange SQL Server training classes in development center.
  • Help Project Managers for defining each database application tasks and estimating time and resource requirements and writing project plans.
  • Install Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 and configure them on QA, performance lab, and production and developer machines. Use Windows NetMeeting to login and manage SQL servers remotely.
  • Create database schemas with SQL Diagram. Compare database for finding structural differences and write modification script to consolidate.
  • Analyze production SQL Server machines for security policy compliance, identify security violations and recommend fixes for compliance