Project Business Management Application
Organization MCI Systemhouse., Dallas, Texas
Project Type Off-site Consultant and project development
Duration June 1996 – Nov 1998
Platform/OS Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
Position Access Developer and System Analyst
Software Access 2.0/95/VBA

BMA is a complete client management and decision making system. The client service managers enters the client orders and assigns them to related business units. Then Business unit managers assigns the task to individual employees. The employees enters what they did on the task and how may hours they worked on it. Then all these hours summarized to manpower management (Deload) part for budgeting and hiring purposes.

Key Features 
  • Order Entry and Management
  • Task Assignment and Management
  • Action tracking
  • Deload
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Backs up and restore databases
My Tasks 
  • Designed forms, reports, macros, modules and queries for underwriters, agents, inspectors, payments, inspection orders and coaching data entry info.
  • Created internal, external, mobile home and boat inspection reports and worksheets that shows the statistics data in graphs.
  • Designed forms, reports, macros, modules and queries for Help Desk Agent Call Tracking Application (HD). The application tracks each call, shows last five calls of the agent and calculates the agent’s financial, auto and property quality statistics.
  • Created reports that filters call data by date, underwriter, agent, and market segment.